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MetGen has produced enzyme solutions which enable the industry to enhance their sustainability and lower their costs.

Million € funding
Funding instrument Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2

Pulp mills, paper mills and biorefineries are constantly struggling to improve their economic and environmental sustainability.

How did we reach the goals

Spinverse supported the client MetGen, an SME, boosting biotechnology-based industrial processes with enzymes, to apply for funding and reviewed the technical texts provided by the customer, and supported them with the wording, procedures and systems for applying the funding.

Key takeaways

The scale-up allows MetGen to expand within two target industries: pulp & paper mills and biorefineries. Small-scale pilots have already shown to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of paper, chemicals, and biofuels – industries that are in great need of more efficient processes with lower costs. MetGen was one of the two Finnish SMEs to receive funding from the October 2014 call. This 2.2 million € project was the only project accepted under the biotechnology topic from Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2.

See the reference video with MetGen’s CTO, Matti Heikkilä

Read more about MetGen at their website

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