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Million € funding

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Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2

New manufacturing method for ultra-fine precipitated calcium carbonate (UFPCC) pigments

FP-Pigments wanted to move UFPCC manufacturing from lab scale to industrial, evaluate usability in several applications, and demonstrate vast savings in carbon footprint, water consumption and cost.

How we reached the goals

Spinvers planned an SME Instrument Phase 2 application together with the client and helped the client to present the right level of technical details. We worked with client on calculating the market potential and on showing the environmental benefits of the new material. Together we formulated the way to present the business case and work plan for the project.

Key takeaways

Demonstrating the production of UFPCC, scaling-up the production capabilities from pilot scale to continuous industrial scale and introducing the new products to the market.

Photo credit: David Pisnoy

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