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Aurelia Turbines

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k€ grant

Funding instrument

Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 1

Empowering new technology to drive renewables – Our work to secure SME Instrument funding enables the development of new, more efficient renewable energy technologies

Aurelia Turbines wanted to develop a proof of concept for micro gas turbines with higher net electrical efficiency than any other technology in their class.

How we reached the goals

Supported client in its application by providing guidance with the application procedures, quality-checking, and overall improvement of the application.

Key takeaways

Developing and manufacturing high-efficiency micro turbines as well as a road map for a successful roll-out to global markets, conducting a feasibility and business plan study for selling high efficiency micro gas turbines. Decentralized power generation and CHP due to the superior efficiency of the micro gas turbines.

The company was among the 6% of applicants to receive funding in a highly competitive field of innovative European companies

Photo credit: Aurelia Turbines

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