Jyrki Salmi

Senior Consultant, M.Sc. (For.Econ.)

+358 50 305 4970

Jyrki is working as a Senior Consultant at Spinverse in the Bioeconomy team. He has strong international experience in business opportunities in forestry, forest industry and green environment, particularly business strategies as well as project and program planning, assessments and financing. He focuses on supporting Spinverse clients in their business and growth strategies, accessing public and innovative (blended, impact) financing.

Jyrki has more than 30 years of international consulting experience with focus on business, growth and globalization strategies, project development, assessment and management, both in private and public sector, and in facilitating various kinds of partnerships. Before joining Spinverse, Jyrki worked over 25 years in Indufor including 10+ years heading the largest business team of the company and almost 5 years as the managing director. After Indufor, he was doing freelance consulting for two years​. He is a member of an advisory board of a philanthropic fund, FFD-Hope, combatting the climate change.

Jyrki has worked in 75+ countries in all the continents on over 130 consulting projects, including strategy processes both for private and public clients, project financing, project preparation, project assessments of large and complex projects (largest of which was 2.7 billion €), pre-evaluation of 83 proposals to an EU financing window. He has also done many technical consultancies in forestry and various environmental projects. He has been a consulting team leader in over 30 projects and coordinated or managed more than 20 large projects. He has sold and done more than 20 projects for the Multilateral Financing Institutions (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and African Development Bank) and several projects for the EU.

Jyrki holds a M.Sc. degree in forest economics from the University of Helsinki and a Special Qualification in Management from Helsinki School of Economics and South Karelia Polytechnic.

In his free time, Jyrki enjoys fitness sports such as cycling, gym and kayaking, mushroom and berry picking, cooking, reading, classical music, architecture, design, and above all, gardening.

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