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Successful EU funded projects

29 Sep 2015

Highlighting a sample of successful projects: from research, through piloting and demonstration, to innovations and business growth:

  • How to commercialise a patent portfolio of interesting technology – IP4Plasma, low cost tuberculosis test
    The IP4Plasma project aims to fight the second biggest killer among infectious diseases, tuberculosis, by producing a highly sensitive test to allow diagnosis within minutes at costs as low as €1 per test. The overall aim of the 4,8 million euro IP4Plasma project is to bring cutting-edge IPR-protected innovations from the laboratory scale to industrial implementation for advanced surface treatment of materials. This will be done by demonstrating the suitability of the technology for existing and new industrial applications in the medical products and diagnostics sector. For this, a consortium of 9 partners from 5 countries teamed up, consisting of leading experts from RTOs, SMEs and companies representing different levels of plasma technology
  • Piloting new materials for medical use – NanoPilot
    A pilot plant capable of producing batches of e.g. HIV-vaccine suitable for clinical trials in humans will be set up in the EU-funded NanoPilot-project. The plant will be adapted from existing high-quality laboratories. Nine European companies and research institutes have combined forces with the end goal of establishing a certified plant specialised in the production of clinical batches of polymer-based nanopharmaceuticals, operating under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This plant will accelerate the development of nanomedicine, currently in its infancy within the pharmaceutical sector, with the total funding of €6.3 million euro for the 48-month project.
  • Large scale pilot for high-risk new technology – CEFOW, piloting wave power technology in real environments
    Horizon 2020 has granted 17 million euro in funding for the Clean Energy From Ocean Waves (CEFOW) project that is coordinated by Fortum. The mission of the five-year project is to research and develop the use of the Penguin wave energy converter, developed by the Finnish company Wello, in electricity grid connected ocean conditions. The multi-device test project will be carried out at Wave Hub, the wave power-focused test centre, located in Cornwall, Great Britain, where Fortum has a leased sea area. In the project, Finnish wave power technology is being developed and operated in collaboration with British and Swedish experts. In addition to Fortum, the joint project consists of Wello Ltd, Mojo Maritime Ltd, Wave Hub Limited, Green Marine (UK) Ltd, Uppsala University, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter.
  • Fast track to innovation: MetGen, making plastics from wood
    Under the first round of the Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) scheme, launched under the Horizon 2020 programme and aimed to bring innovative ideas to market quicker, 16 projects with partners from 19 countries received funding up to EUR 3 million each. One of the projects is coordinated by MetGen, a Finnish producer of industrial enzymes, and involves partners from also Sweden and the Netherlands. The project, ReTAPP, aims at producing hardwood-based fructose for production of plastic bottles and all plastic packaging. Ultimately, it will make it possible to make the plastics from wood – a solution not just sustainable and made entirely from renewable materials, but also technically and economically superior to the technologies and materials used today. The project enables the collaboration between consortium members to address the entire value-chain and achieve objectives none of the companies could achieve alone.
  • Growing your business: SWAP, Upgrading storage technology in retail business
    Part of developing more sustainable lifestyles is to extend the lifetime and foster re-use of items. Currently, acquiring second-hand items through peer-to-peer internet sites can be a time consuming and challenging process.  The Finnish company Netcycler was one of four Finnish companies that received Phase 2 grant from the December 2014 round of the SME instrument for the development of an online consignment department store, Swap.com, which provides a cost-efficient and easy-to-use way to buy and sell second-hand items. Within SOMAPI (Swap.com On-line department store for Massive Amounts of Pre-owned items) project, Swap.com targets to develop an industrial scale capability for selling and trading relatively inexpensive pre-owned (i.e. second-hand) items online in massive scale. This means that items with values as low as 2 EUR can be processed so that customers selling their items through Swap.com can get their share and Swap.com can make profitable business. The approach is to scale-up the fulfillment center operations to a more efficient multi-processing flow where the key parts are optimised and automatised further. The project also develops recommendations and search mechanisms in the customer front side (Swap.com service) so that customers can find specifically what they are looking for.

Spinverse with its solid experience in R&D project preparation, partner search, finding the right funding instruments, has provided assistance to all of these projects benefiting from EU Horizon 2020.

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