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R&D&I projects, EU and national

We help you build industry led result-driven value-chain projects to grow and renew your business

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- In a Nutshell -

Do you want to renew and grow? Do you need funding?

Do you want to create more value or new products for your customers? In order to renew and grow your business, you need exceptional ideas, the right partners, a good business case and funding for your development projects. Finding these requires specific expertise. Let us help you build your new 100M€ business.
Ps. Did you know EU is funding industry led innovation projects with 10s of Billions of Euros?

- Benefits -

Key aspects where R&D&I projects, EU and national can help you

Selecting the new product or solution

The right partnerships

Making new business

Efficient implementation

Result driven leadership

Sufficient funding

- Requirements -

Is this the right service for you?

Does your company fit the three main requirements: renewal, cooperation and maturity?

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Are you ready to renew and grow?

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Are you willing to co-develop with others?

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Have your ideas matured enough to become new products?

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Eeva Viinikka

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- Service breakdown -

Building the R&D project with you:

Ideation and strategy co-creation

Create, assess and select ideas to develop to new business, define project scope, evaluate funding needs/opportunities

Project plan preparation with you and the partners

Setting goals and impact, coordinating idea exchange, defining business case, creating a workplan, budget and a governance model

Managing the work for you

Result-driven leadership, partner coordination, progress monitoring, project reporting, communication, dissemination & go-to-market support

Finding the right partners

Identifying possible partners, preliminary discussions with partners, defining the role of each partner, partner engagement and division of work

Partner search competition

Planning and coordinating a competition to find the right partners, identifying and coaching candidates

- Case Studies -

Open Innovation & our growing clients

ICT & Security

Building key enablers for a Digital Smart City

Smart cities need digital service infrastructure to improve safety, energy efficiency, air quality, effectivity of transportation and quality of living. However, the capacity of mobile ne...

Manufacturing & Energy

Clean Energy from Ocean Waves

Large scale pilot project to demonstrate clean energy from ocean waves – integrating research and product innovations with business and partners along the value chain

Bioeconomy & Renewables

100% bio-based plastic

The PEFerence project will establish a globally first-of-a-kind, industrial scale, cost-effective FDCA (diacid) biorefinery flagship plant. FDCA is the building block for the production o...

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