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Now is the time to plan which of your projects could get public funding!

Horizon Europe will be launched in January 2021. This ambitious programme by the European Commission will be worth over 100 B€ to boost European research and innovation. Over the coming months, we can expect more detailed information on it and its strategic planning process, work programmes, funding calls and other relevant activities. If your company is interested in seizing the moment for future growth, now is the time to act! Spinverse has developed a new service on how to help you — find out how!

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Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation session to find out if your company has the potential for new growth with Horizon Europe!

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Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation session to find out if your company has the potential for new growth with Horizon Europe!

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What's in it for you?

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Monthly information package with a 1-hour session on the progress of Horizon Europe

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Support in identifying the right innovation projects eligible for public funding in your company

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Support in identifying the right funding instrument for your project

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How we've helped our clients

Manufacturing & EnergyICT & Security

Multipartner European consortium develops IoT solutions for harsh industrial conditions

CHARM (Challenging environments tolerant Smart systems for IoT and AI) develops IoT solutions for harsh industrial conditions in the manufacturing industry using ECS technologies, develop...

ICT & Security

Pan-European consortium brings supercomputer service to Finland

As a result of a successful and highly competitive bid by the LUMI (Large Modified Modern Infrastructure) consortium of 8 European countries and EU, CSC datacenter in Kajaani, Finland, wi...

Bioeconomy & Renewables

New hybrid biorefinery processes to integrate upstream and downstream technologies

The IMPRESS project, where 10 partners from 6 countries have joined their forces, will demonstrate a new hybrid biorefinery process for the first time. It integrates disruptive upstream a...

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Recent news about Horizon Europe
– What’s in it for me?

Ecosystems tackle grand challenges — Spinverse helps them to succeed and create impact!

13 Oct 2020

Spinverse has accumulated years of experience on professionally leading and orchestrating innovation ecosyst...

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Economic growth needs innovation and long-term projects — where is the needed public funding?

18 Sep 2020

The Finnish economic success has been based on high-quality education and research. However, Finnish compani...

Public Funding Horizon Europe

Latest news about Horizon Europe and other growth opportunities beyond 2020

16 Sep 2020

Horizon Europe, the EU’s next framework programme for research and innovation, is approaching fast after t...

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A must-read: Ecosystem Handbook - The art of leading and creating impact

9 Sep 2020

In today’s rapidly changing world, very few organizations or people can make it alone. At best, orchestrat...

ICT Public Funding innovation ecosystem

Spinverse helped ELISE project to gain 12 M€ funding – project aims to make Europe powerhouse of AI

4 Sep 2020

The goal of the European multi-disciplinary ELISE project, recently funded with 12 M€ by the European Comm...

Client News SME EIC Accelerator

Revolutionary microphone technology from Norway

25 Aug 2020

Spinverse recently helped the Norwegian start-up sensiBel in securing the 2.5 M€ grant and 4.2 M€ equity...