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- In a Nutshell -

Public funding for the next innovation leaders

Did you know that funding agencies are on the lookout for disruptive start-ups and SMEs, funding single SME applicants from 50,000 euros up to 2.5 million? Spinverse has supported numerous SMEs in assessing their opportunities, building strong business and project plans for accessing public funding. We want to help you identify radical innovations and turn them into new 100 M€ businesses.

- Benefits -

Key aspects where our Public Funding services can help you

Best instrument fit

Increse chances to succeed

Reach your goals faster

Focus on your core competences

Benefit from partnerships

- Requirements -

Is this the right service for you?

All public funding instruments and funding agencies have their own criteria for grants and loans. However, to be eligible for any of the many instruments there are, there are three things you must have:

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Innovativeness and Impact

Are you making a significant impact to the market and the society?

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Do you know your business goals? Can you imagine a 100 M€ business?

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Winning Team

Do you have the right people?

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