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Business development for SMEs

We will help you understand the best path for growth, crystallize your story and support you to realize your growth ambition.

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- In a Nutshell -

Develop your business

We provide SMEs with advice for strategic decision-making, executable roadmaps, and assistance in implementing the transition towards new business and strategic growth.

Many SMEs face difficulties in identifying how to best achieve growth and competitiveness through innovation in products, solutions and business models. In addition, fast paced development requires anticipating future disruptions, digital development and changing ecosystem roles. Incomplete information creates difficulties in defining where to focus innovation resources, who to work with, by what means, and how to fund the innovation activities.

- Benefits -

With the right focus and strategy, you can achieve anything

Understand your growth options

Build the right plan and strategy

Enter new markets

Secure public or private funding

Reach your goals

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We help the best SMEs become even better. You may be a start-up with a great idea or prototype for an innovation and you want to understand what the best growth plan for you is. Or you may already have customers and revenue but seek scalability and a new gear in your business. You have energy and a positive mindset, a great innovative solution with global potential, and you are willing to focus, work hard to grow and succeed. We can help.
If cash flow is an issue, consider linking our business development services to suitable public funding instruments.

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Energy and a positive mindset

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Great innovative solution with global potential

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Willingness to focus and work hard

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- Service breakdown -

Formulating a business case and business model

Our experts can help you clarify your business case or business model using proven business planning tools and methodologies.

SME diagnostics and roadmap for growth and funding

We use our methodology to assess your current situation, highlighting key development areas and helping clarify your roadmap for growth

Conducting studies and assessments

We conduct an assessment to support business planning or funding process, helping you understand your industry or your clients and their needs.

Creating an investor deck

We support material creation to enable discussions with private investors. We help you prepare for meeting them with valid ideas and a clear message.

Creating a business plan or growth strategy

We support business planning or strategy process for you in different stages of growth. Create a growth path and learn to communicate your plan.

Driving organizational development

We align your organization to your growth strategy by defining the right operational model, roles and responsibilities and organizational structure.

- Case Studies -

Read about our work

ICT & Security


Piceasoft has created a unique set of software solutions to safely manage the lifecycle of a mobile device and switching to a new one. Piceasoft ensures safe transfer of precious data fro...

Health & Electronics

MacroArray Diagnostics

The smart way to explore allergy. ALEX is the next generation in vitro test for type I allergies. A novel multi-parameter allergy test that is cost-efficient and delivers instantly correc...

Health & Electronics


Affordable, accessible and automatic screening solution for diabetic retinopathy: Smartscope-X.

Manufacturing & Energy


Insplorion has taken the general concept of LSPR-based sensing and made it applicable to a wide range of research areas through its novel technology Nanoplasmonic Sensing (NPS).

Bioeconomy & Renewables


Prometec's advanced and automated process to control the quality of feedstock enables for a better use of resources diminishing waste

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