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Bioeconomy & Renewables

Tekes Functional Materials

Sustainable Material Solutions – From Finnish Research to Global Business

Manufacturing & Energy

Finnish-Russian Innovation Alliance on Nanotechnology

Finland and Russia have strong complementing areas of expertise and overlapping technological development but cooperation is minimal due to differences in business culture, language barri...

Health & Electronics

Tekes FinNano

Finnish national nanotechnology programme. FinNano programme studied, utilized and commercialized nanoscale
systems and phenomena.

Bioeconomy & Renewables

Kaidi Finland

Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, one of the leading bio energy companies in China, is planning a biofuel refinery investment project, an investment of one billion euros to Finland.

Manufacturing & Energy


The constantly increasing maintenance backlog of bridges is huge in Europe. Traditional bridge repair methods cannot handle the maintenance in a manner that is fast and cost effective eno...

Manufacturing & Energy


Globally, 5 billion tons of ore and 10 billion tons of side rock is produced every year. About 70-80 % of mine energy consumption is used for transport, crushing and grinding – 2/3rd of t...

Bioeconomy & Renewables

Sofi Filtration

Many industrial water streams contain fine particle contaminants, which are difficult to treat using traditional methods. Sofi Filtration develops and manufactures a self-cleaning microfi...

Manufacturing & Energy

Aurelia Turbines

Empowering new technology to drive renewables – Our work to secure SME Instrument funding enables the development of new, more efficient renewable energy technologies

Health & Electronics

Mapping nanotechnology landscape

The policy makers did not have enough information on the potential of nanotechnology development, which is what set to motion this four-year project to provide an overview of nanotechnolo...

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