Serhad Akkoc

Business Development Manager (MBA)

+358 40 505 8157

Serhad Akkoc is a Business Development Manager for Spinbase, the company's AI-powered search engine for EU funding, partners, and projects. His primary objective is to assist universities, research institutes, cities, and growth companies in accelerating their innovations through relevant public funding and strategic partnerships.

With 18 years of experience in business development, growth, project management, and product management, Serhad is a digital business enthusiast with a strong background in geographic information systems and location-based services and projects. He has led navigation database production and commercialization operations in new markets and established customer success channels with the automotive industry.

Serhad's career has evolved within search engine industries, where he has worked on the commercialization of cloud services and SaaS for B2B and B2C in new markets. His projects have gained national attention from the press, and he has appeared on several news and tech portals and TVs.

Serhad is a dedicated professional to provide the best professional service to his partners, and he is always striving to establish sustainable business relations.

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