Panos Chronis

Consultant, B.Sc.Hons (Med. Sci.), PGDip (Psych.)

+358 50 406 5765

Panos joined Spinverse in August 2022 as a Consultant in our Health Tech team. He specialises in stakeholder management and connecting innovation and funding to the mental health sector.

He has a strong interest in AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Robotics and works on projects that help implement these innovative technologies into our everyday lives.

Panos is highly experienced in consulting SMEs on how to achieve results through collaboration and networking.

Through the years, he has been actively involved in addiction recovery, family and relationship counselling and supervising mental health professionals in various settings.

He holds degrees in Medical Science, Existential and Organisational Psychology, Addictions Counselling and experience of 20 years in diverse fields.

When he is not working on new ideas and projects, Panos is investing his time in snow sports, sailing and philosophy.

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