Mirja Andersson

Senior Project Manager, Ph.D. (Polymer Chem.), VoT

+358 50 4477 559

Mirja Andersson joined the Manufacturing and Energy team at Spinverse in 2022 as a Senior Project Manager. Mirja has a broad background of topics in technological R&D including polymers, plastics and composites technology, recycling of industrial side streams, circular economy, digital and additive manufacturing. Recently, she has also developed sustainability education for the new generation of engineers.

Mirja did her Polymer Chemistry Ph.D. research on responsive and functional polymers in aqueous systems with potential applications in pharmaceuticals or diagnostics.

Mirja has prepared funding applications and managed RDI projects for sustainable technologies with industrial networks and with technology related business clusters for over 15 years. During the past 10 years before joining Spinverse, she has been active in academic leadership and operative management in a higher education institution in the field of energy and materials technology as the Vice Head and the Head of Department.

In her spare time, Mirja has travelling both in homeland and abroad with the family close to her heart. The transportation and maintenance duties for the family hobbies fill most of her spare time and the rest is governed by an outdoor personal trainer, an active border terrier.

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