Lill Andréasson

Country Manager, Managing Director (Sweden), B.A. (comm.)

+46 702 192 828

Lill Andréasson is working as Country Manager and Managing Director for Spinverse Sweden AB, at the office in Gothenburg. Lill’s main focus at Spinverse is to facilitate the Spinverse growth in Sweden, and as such she’s involved in most topics ranging from recruiting, company culture, branding and finance.

Lill’s background is mainly within small and mid-sized businesses, where she has been consulting in organisational transformation, growth processes and generation shift. She has also been working in several projects where private sector, public sector and academia come together in order to expand by collaborating and building new businesses or arenas. Lill has a vast interest in questions concerning society, entrepreneurship, and growth, and she is frequently hired as moderator and facilitator.

As odd as it may seem, Lill’s expertise is to be a generalist. With 25 years in different branches with different roles and tasks, her strength is to take on whatever challenge that lands in her lap and solve it. Perhaps this is a consequence of Lill’s motto since the age of five having been the Pippi Longstocking saying “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”.

In her spare time, Lill really enjoys spending time at almost any cultural event , be it modern dance, film, opera, theatre, concerts or art! She’s a true Francophile and a certified sommelier who loves a good laughter.

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