Jari Herranen

Project Manager, M.Sc. (Chem.)

+358 40 718 5267

Jari Herranen joined Spinverse’s Health team as a Project Manager in September 2021. Jari helps companies in project proposals and funding.

Jari has more than 20 years of industrial experience in developing both solutions and processes and designing products in the medical devices and in chemical process industries. In his previous work, he designed labeling solutions for pharmaceutical and food packaging applications. Jari has worked both in start-up and global matrix organizations.

Jari has managed over 50 cross-company packaging development projects with key global pharmaceutical , healthcare and food companies. Jari strongly believes in innovating and solving challenges together! He has a wide global network in chemical, packaging and healthcare industries. Jari has also developed and launched circular economy product designs – he knows how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Jari is an expert in food contact materials and packaging regulations for pharmaceutical and healthcare. Jari has used six sigma tools for 20 years in product design and process development, and he also has the green belt for Design For Six Sigma. During his work in medical device industry, Jari developed novel composite biomaterials,  and has worked in clean room environment while developing a twin-screw extrusion process.

Jari has a Master’s degree in polymer chemistry from the Helsinki University. Recently he has studied Innovation Leadership and Service Design courses at the Aalto Executive University.

In his free time, Jari enjoys playing tennis and badminton, likes cycling in the summer and jogging around the year. He also likes to go to movies and enjoys good food and wines with his friends!



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