Germain Courtois

Innovation Consultant, M.Sc.

+358 50 3058 267

Germain is working as an Innovation Consultant at Spinverse, specialized in business development and project launch in industry.

Before joining Spinverse, Germain accumulated strong experience in both railway and automotive sales management. At Spinverse, he contributes to the Manufacturing and Energy Business Unit.

Originally from Northern France, Germain completed two Master's degrees in 2017, one in Materials Engineering at ISMANS Engineering School and the other one in Business Management at ISIALM Business School (both in Le Mans, France). After graduation, he has successfully worked in projects involving big accounts such as SNCF, Deutsche Bahn and Volkswagen Group. Germain speaks French, German and English.

In his spare time, Germain loves cooking (French food of course), playing basketball or travelling to a new country he has not yet visited.

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