Anni Koponen

Analyst, M.Sc. (Env. eng.)

+358 50 4072 723

Anni is working at Spinverse as an Analyst and joined the company in June 2020. She participates in preparing proposals for EU funding instruments such as Innovation Fund.  

Before coming back to work at Spinverse, where she previously worked in event management, marketing activities and office support, she has gained experience in conducting life cycle assessments (LCA) and calculating carbon footprints. Furthermore, she has gained experience working abroad in Chile conducting business opportunities for Finnish companies and organizing seminars. She has a lot of experience volunteering in different innovation and startup events such as Slush and Tubecon and has been part of the entrepreneurship community of the University of Helsinki.  

Anni holds a M.Sc. in Sustainable Technology from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a B.Sc. in Environmental and Resource Economics from the University of Helsinki. Her master’s studies were based on the concept of Industrial Ecology and she focused her studies on environmental management, LCA and waste management. During her B.Sc., Anni focused on environmental economics, mathematics and statistics. She completed part of her studies at Stanford University and University of Turku.  

During her master’s thesis she conducted a screening of Fiskars Group’s Scope 3 emissions which are all indirect emissions that occur in the value chain of the reporting company, including both upstream and downstream emissions. 

In her spare time, Anni enjoys watching movies, running and trying out different cuisine.  


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