Aino Heiska

Senior Consultant, M.Sc. (Econ.)

+358 400 265 641

Aino joined Spinverse in early 2022 along with the Industryhack team as Spinverse acquired the company in late 2021. She works as Senior Consultant in the Digital Industries business area.

During her previous five years as partner at Industryhack, Aino managed or took part in managing more than 60 innovation challenge projects and other co-creation programs and activities based on design thinking, lean start-up and agile methodologies. An integral part of these projects was corporate clients' digital business challenge definition and design into business opportunities for innovative SMEs as a starting point for these parties’ co-creation. On a more general level, Aino advised her clients in corporate innovation and culture of experimentation. Aino's varying roles and tasks at Industryhack also included team leadership, b2b sales and business development.

Aino holds a M.Sc. (Econ.) degree from Aalto University School of Business, with major in Information and Service Management and minors in Organizations and Leadership, Retailing, and Information Technology Program. In addition to work, Aino currently spends the rest of her time either on her house building project or consciously relaxing.


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