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Aimo Savukoski

Director, Sales, M.Sc.

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Aimo Savukoski, an expert in international business development and sales, is working as a Director of Sales in the Spinverse Stockholm office. His experience consists of 30 years and over 300 cases including SMEs and corporations in a wide range of industries. His main focuses in the past few years have been in AI, IoT and Analytics within many traditional business segments.

Prior to joining Spinverse, Aimo has headed one of Nokia’s EMEA sales units and Elektrobit/Nemo Technologies’ Sales&Marketing. After those positions Aimo founded Arctic Crossing Consulting Oy, contributing to Finnish export industry and helping International companies establish their activities in Finland. He has extensive experience from fundraising in Europe and the US, working also eight years abroad throughout his career, in Norway, Russia, Sweden and the UK. Aimo worked as a management consultant for 10 years successfully before then deciding to join the ambitious team of Spinverse.

Aimo is an avid driver of the latest technologies with a strong sense in marketing and sales. He has been a spokesperson for new innovation and global business creating strategies for numerous ventures aiming for global success.

Aimo’s academic background is in the University of Oulu, having a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Before joining Spinverse he also contributed for a year to VTT and the University of Oulu in their Tekes/Hilla Growth Mill funding expansion among Finnish export companies with AI, IoT, Analytics focus.

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