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Fingrid launches an innovation challenge for powergrid condition monitoring

20 Feb 2018

Fingrid is looking for new ideas for condition monitoring of transmission grid post insulators and temperature monitoring for grid components

Does your company have a great idea or solution, which you would like to pilot in collaboration with Fingrid? Do you yearn for new business opportunities and world class expertise to help in commercialising your idea? We are announcing a search for partners for companies looking for new condition monitoring business.

Fingrid, in collaboration with Spinverse, announces a partner search for companies, corporations and teams of all sizes looking for partnerships and new business in the field of condition monitoring. Fingrid’s cost-effectiveness and network reliability have been ranked among the best in international comparisons. However, activities are being developed continuously with the aim of being international pioneers.

Maintenance is in the transition towards a condition- and risk-based maintenance model. The transformation seeks to ensure a high level of operational reliability, more efficient usability of the power grid and optimal allocation of maintenance work. We want an enhanced knowledge and access to the condition of the hardware. The change requires new measurement methods and practices that we are now looking for.

Fingrid and Spinverse are now looking for new cost-effective project ideas for assessing and monitoring the condition of post insulators used in the power grid’s electric stations, as well as continuously monitoring the temperatures in power grid components.

What kinds of ideas do we seek?

  • Ideas must be feasible within 1-5 years. Already commercialized solutions are also welcome.
  • The solutions must work in a live grid, since the post insulators are part of a 110-400 kV system and the components the temperature of which is to be measured are a part of a 20kV-400kV system.
  • Ideas can be related, for example, to measurement technology (eg modern, inexpensive wireless sensors; power, vibration, acceleration, image, sound, temperature, pictures), information processing (eg neural networks, genetic algorithms), visualization of measurement information, drones or laser scanning. We do not rule out any technology.
  • The data transfer methods that may be used in the idea need to be based on commercial solutions.
  • Creative out-of-the-box proposals are very welcome!

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity to further develop the solution in the right environment.
  • World-class expertise in the development of condition monitoring of electrical substations.
  • Possibility for new customer relationships both in Finland and internationally.
  • Depending on the nature of the project, we provide funding of 10,000 to 30,000 euros.
  • Complete solutions can start directly from piloting. After the pilot phase, there is an opportunity for a more extensive implementation project and for a long-term partnership with Fingrid for successful solutions.
  • An excellent international reference with possibility for publications or articles.

Companies must be able to clearly describe the usability of the idea for Fingrid and its feasibility. The criteria for evaluating the application are the effectiveness of the idea, technology readiness level and the applicant’s credibility, such as references and know-how.

Based on the proposals, we select up to 10 actors, with whom project ideas will be further developed in cooperation with the Fingrid people. Subsequently, companies will present their ideas to Fingrid, who selects the winners.

How to apply?

Send a description of the solution by 28th of March 2018 via this link (post insulators), or this link (temperatures).

The search for applicants is carried out in cooperation with Spinverse.

Additional material:

Post insulators and a detailed problem are described in more detail in the enclosed material (in Finnish).
The temperature measuring project is described in more detail in the enclosed material (in Finnish).

Read also Fingrid’s post on the temperature measurement challenge and on the post insulator challenge (in Finnish).

Further information

Juha Riikonen, Senior Project Manager, Spinverse
+358 50 566 9686, juha.riikonen(at)spinverse.com

Hilla Pohjalainen, Analyst, Spinverse Oy
+358 50 3409 107, hilla.pohjalainen(at)spinverse.com

Tuomas Laitinen, Senior Expert, Network Management, Fingrid Oyj
+358 40 519 5085, tuomas.laitinen(at)fingrid.fi

Photo credit: Moondyne

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